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Jason has over 15 years of experience in many areas of the real estate business including acquisitions, financing, marketing, construction, and property management. He's personally been involved in the off market acquisition of close to 100 single family homes.  His experience also includes design and renovation for more than 50 of those projects. Acting as a project manager, Jason oversaw the construction process, including sourcing materials and hiring subcontractors. As the business grew, a project manager was added to the team to supervise renovations. 


In 2019 he began acquiring multi-family properties and sites to build apartments located in Lakeland, Florida.  These projects have entailed tenant management as well as site construction and design.


Born and raised in Orlando, FL, Jason currently lives in San Diego.  For the past five years, he has traveled to Lakeland, FL monthly in an effort to learn the market and build important relationships in that specific market. Through this process he has developed a solid network of experienced real estate professionals who continue to partner with him to be successful in the ongoing acquisition, construction and management of multi-family properties in Lakeland.

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